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FFDPet™ is Soothing, Calming, Protecting and Energizing the Pets of the World

Toronto, ON., October 1, 2014 – FFD Pet™, a pet care brand under the foufouBRANDS
family, has released a new line of natural pet balms: Fou-Stick Protect™, Fou-Stick Calm™,
Fou-Stick Soothe™ and Nip-Stick™. Each balm contains all natural ingredients including:
coconut oil, beeswax, and mango seed butter as its main components which are all moisturizing
ingredients for the aid and care of your pets paws, nose, coat, and body.

Fou-Stick Protect™ – helps aid in the prevention of dry, cracked, paws and/or noses.
Fou-Stick Calm™ – infused with lavender helps keep pets calm and reduces anxiety.
Fou-Stick Soothe™ – neem oil and aloe vera help relieve dry, itchy skin and hot spots.

Each Fou-Stick™ comes in the form of a balm designed for fast-absorption and easy application
with its twist-tube dispensing applicator.

The Nip-Stick™ is infused with North American catnip oil dispensed in the form of a balm; a
first ever of its kind designed with every cat owner in mind. This balm-able form of catnip can be
applied directly onto cats paws, furniture and directly on cat toys; ideal to bring old toys back to
life. The Nip-Stick™ is a patent pending product and guaranteed to unleash the inner tiger in
every cat.
Detailed information regarding the ingredients and usage of each Fou-Stick™ and Nip-Stick™,
can be found here: http://www.foufoubrands.com/ffdpet/fou-stick/
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images can be forwarded immediately along with any other information you may require.