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FFDPet Offers an Innovative Solution to Picky Eaters

Toronto, ON., March 17, 2015 – FFD Pet™, a pet care brand under the foufouBRANDS family,
introduces Vegalicious™ Healthy Food Enhancers! Packaged in spice grinders, you simply grind
nutritional pearls onto their wet or dry food. By freshly grinding the pearls at each meal, it
releases natural flavors, oils and essences that pets cannot resist! Ideal for finicky eaters.

Vegalicious™ Healthy Food Enhancers are all natural, vegan, and are free of wheat, corn, soy
and gluten; neutral formulas suitable for any diet. They are available in 2 formulas:

For Dogs – a super formula full of natural antioxidants, omegas, and prebiotics
For Cats – a Hairball Healthy Food Enhancer with natural enzymes to help break down
and ease the passage of hairballs

Vegalicious™ Healthy Food Enhancers are patent pending, and proudly made in Canada.

foufouBRANDS specializes in the development of products that help support a warm, healthy,
fun and active lifestyle. FFDPet™ is a pet care brand under its parent company foufouBRANDS.
FFDPet™ provides bright, innovative, and uniquely sought after approachable products at an
attractive price point for both dogs and cats.

If your publication is interested in featuring Vegalicious™ Healthy Food Enhancers by FFDPet™
in an upcoming issue, please feel free to contact Evelyn Yu at 289-597-3681 ext.226 or email her
at evelyn@foufoubrands.com. High resolution images can be forwarded immediately along with
any other information you may require.