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Toronto, ON., August 20, 2015 – FouFou Dog® has introduced their new Rubber Dipped
Socks! A clever solution to finicky boots, impossibly tight balloon socks, and knit socks that fall
off the second they’re on. FouFou Dog®’s Rubber Dipped Socks feature a silicone “dipped” base
to keep paws dry. The knit sock makes it easy to put on, and the Velcro strap ensures it stays on!

These multi-functional socks can be used outdoors to protect paws against the elements, as well
as indoors. Whether you have slippery stairs, a wound you want to prevent Fido from licking, or
fragile wood floors you don’t want scratched, the uses for these socks are endless!

FouFouDog®’s Rubber Dipped Socks are available for sale online, and can soon be found in
retail stores around the world. For a look at the full FouFou Dog® collection you can view it
online here: http://www.foufoubrands.com/foufoudog.

FouFou Dog® is the first label under its parent company, foufouBRANDS. They specialize in
designer dog apparel and accessories. foufouBRANDS focuses on the development of products
that help support a warm, healthy, fun and active lifestyle.

If your publication is interested in featuring this story or the Rubber Dipped Socks by FouFou
Dog® in an upcoming issue, please feel free to contact Evelyn Yu at 289-597-3681 ext.226 or
email her at evelyn@foufoubrands.com. High resolution images can be forwarded immediately
along with any other information you may require.