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foufouBrands is a Canadian company that distributes products to both wholesalers and retailers.

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A Canadian company with 13 years of activity in the pet space, foufouBRANDS is the one stop destination for fun, fresh, innovative and thoughtful products for pets. Through our 6 brands in the foufouBRANDS family, we love to develop products that help support a warm, healthy, fun and active lifestyle. Our growing portfolio of brands allows us to create more than products; we hope to help foster those special moments between humans and their furry ones.

Boucherie™ are 100% all natural meat treats made with natural textures and flavors. No additives. No preservatives. All ingredients are from USDA or CFIA certified facilities. Safe, healthy and nutritional treats for your pet. Made in Canada.

The effectiveness of Modafinil pills from buyprovi.com has been tested and scientifically proven in several clinical trials.. Participants in these studies were also patients with multiple sclerosis, suffering from excessive fatigue.

Vegalicious™ – 100% natural, vegan treats for pets including Popped Snacks, Food Enhancers, Dehydrated Treats, and Dental Sticks. Our Vegalicious products are formulated by pet nutritionists. Made in Canada and USA.

fouFIT™ was created to promote a healthy and active lifestyle with innovative toys and accessories. Creating stimulating products to help pets enjoy the outdoors and active play is the goal of this product line.

foufoudog® was created in 2005 by founder and CEO, Cheryl Ng. Recognized as a leading brand of quality, fashionable and functional dog apparel, toys and accessories for little dogs. Sold globally in the pet specialty channel and online. Trending modern products for little canines.

FFD Pet™ was first introduced at Global Pet Expo in 2014. The line consists of fun, innovative, uniquely sought after approachable consumable products at an attractive price point for dogs and cats. FFD Pet is ideal for multi-channel sales.

Bring out the real tiger in your kitty with 100% natural catnip in mist, bubbles, or pellets. Potent North American catnip makes all foufou Cat products difficult to resist! Great on your cat’s favorite toys, cat scratchers, and cat furniture, stand back to experience your cat’s inner roar!

foufoubaby™ is a global brand of accessories for human babies. With the success of the patented My Pet Blankie™, FouFou Baby continues to grow in product assortment for newborns to little human ones.